Terms & Conditions.

Please be advised by starting service with The Wholly Kitchen® you are subject to all terms & conditions.


We charge a flat $6 fee for each delivery. Delivery fees are prepaid along with your plan subscription.


You should not have more than 3 days worth of bags & coolers in your possession. Service will be suspended until we are able to retrieve the outstanding bags. An additional $6 flat fee will be charged for every delivery attempt made to retrieve property of The Wholly Kitchen®.


If you wish to discontinue your meal plan service, please email hello@thewhollykitchen.com. Please be advised that you are obligated to complete your service through the end of your current cycle and no refunds will be given. All bags and ice packs must be retrieved on your last delivery. At the end of service if we have not received all of our bags back, we will charge a $20 per bag unreturned bag fee on the credit card we have on file. An additional $5 flat fee will be charged for every delivery attempt made to retrieve any outstanding bags. For safety reasons, under no circumstances will The Wholly Kitchen® accept food returned to our kitchen.


The Wholly Kitchen® cannot accommodate customers with severe or life threatening food allergies. By signing up to The Wholly Kitchen®, you agree to our terms and conditions and understand that The Wholly Kitchen® is not responsible for any food related allergic reactions that may occur whether it be mild or severe. We prepare our food in a facility that handles nuts, soy and other common food allergens. We cannot guarantee no cross contamination. We urge you to use caution when choosing The Wholly Kitchen®.


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