The Wholly Kitchen® was founded by Andrea Prado and her partner chef Loïc Hémery in 2013. This dynamic duo comes with extensive experience in the kitchen and the pair pours their heart and soul into every Wholly meal they prepare and deliver. They put their clients first and always strive to develop creative, healthy and tasty menus that keep people coming back for more. 


Andrea Prado

Chef Andrea Prado cooks every meal as if it were to nurture her own body and spirit. Andrea's love affair with cooking began at the age of 12 and was mastered to perfection with proper training at CVCG School of Culinary in her native country of Venezuela.  Sixteen years later she embraces her love for cooking with creativity and passion.

Throughout the years she has developed skillful techniques in different areas of the kitchen, from Haute Cuisine, working in world-renowned restaurants in Miami and Latin America, to Vegan and Raw as part of her own lifestyle. Her wide experience in balancing flavor and healthy eating brings the best of both worlds to the table.

As a conscious healthy eater herself she is a wellness activist with the purpose of inspiring people to eat healthy and see food as a source of nourishment and every meal as a ritual celebrating your body.

What helped Andrea evolve from a culinary graduate to a seasoned and talented chef, is her knowledge and affinity for each ingredient, along with her ability to cater to different types of consumers. From this organic relationship, The Wholly Kitchen® was born, offering daily meal plans for food lovers of any kind; vegans, vegetarians and personalized diets. Her cooking is undoubtedly an art, without saturating the dishes in unnecessary fat, sugar or salt; it is Wholly, and Wholly is what the world needs.



Loïc Philippe Hémery

Loïc has been a Chef & Partner at The Wholly Kitchen® since 2013 and is proud to create healthy, balanced and Wholly meals for his clients each and every day. Loïc developed a passion for cooking and baking at a young age, thanks in large part to his parents who owned a French bakery & café for more than 30 years. Having grown up in this bakery, Loïc picked up on many tricks of the trade throughout the years – with his parents serving as the primary inspiration.

As Loïc grew up, he played a more active role in the family business and became a self-taught chef who developed a true skill and passion for cooking and baking. Loïc credits much of his culinary influence to his surroundings; from his family background which includes parents of French and Japanese descent, to growing up in a primarily Latin community in Miami, Florida, to spending several years in DC where he was exposed to Southeast Asian, Arabic and Indian influences.

As a self-starter, Loïc has always approached his interest in the culinary world with a keen curiosity- drawing upon books and research to continue to hone and perfect his craft. Prior to The Wholly Kitchen®, Loïc was able to combine his passion for cooking with his interest in philanthropy, serving as the head Chef at a non-profit home for the elderly. This was an important stepping stone in Loïc’s career, which then led him to the Wholly Kitchen®.