These meatless meals will be packed with other nutrients and proteins to make sure to keep you full and energized. You can expect your vegetarian meals to include tons of veggies and healthy grains.



MONDAY | Spinach Tarte Tomate Fresco Sauce  w/ Roasted Home Fries & Onions
TUESDAY | Orange and Cranberries Waffle w/ Fruit & Lemon Honey Coconut Yogurt
WEDNESDAY | Breakfast Taco Arepa w/ Spicy Sauce & Fruit Sweet Potato Fries
THURSDAY | Fajita Scrambled Tofu Hash w/ Avocado Cream and Berries
FRIDAY Banana Bread w/ Fruit & Parfait



MONDAY | Vegetable Soup
TUESDAY | Roasted Cauliflower & Artichokes w/ Marjoram Almonds

WEDNESDAY | Chia Seed Fruit Cup

THURSDAY | Roasted Almond Sauce Slaw Salad
FRIDAY | Plantain Fries & Marinara Sauce

IMG_8276 copy.jpg


MONDAY | Herb Bean Balls w/ Cucumber and Almonds Caper Salad & Mint Dressing Quinoa
TUESDAY | Arugula, Orange Fennel & Chickpea Salad Sorghum

WEDNESDAY | Bean Burger w/ Thai Lemon Basil Creamy Sauce, Parsnip Fries & Charred Kale
THURSDAY | Roast Vegetables w/ Spicy Turnips & Tahini Parsley Dressing Buckwheat
FRIDAY | Veggie Cakes & Roast Eggplant w/ Mediterranean Salsa & Saute Greens



MONDAY | Carrot Cake
TUESDAY | Date and Cacao Truffles
WEDNESDAY | Chocolate Chip Cookies
THURSDAY | Banana Chia Pudding
FRIDAY Lemon & Poppy Seeds Cake



MONDAY | Roast Veggie Cakes, Vegetables & Salsa Criolla Argentina
TUESDAY | Lentil Picadillo Sauteed Greens & Plantains Brown Rice
WEDNESDAY | Honey Garlic Tofu w/ Bok Choy & Root Vegetable Stir Fry
THURSDAY | BBQ Black Garlic Japanese Eggplant Tenderloin w/ Orange Chimichurri, Baked Sweet Potato & Broccoli
FRIDAY | Thai Massaman Curry w/ Veggie Bowl Brown Rice